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Event Horizon Custom Tattooing, ©2018

The best tattoo experience in the area!

Have you ever been into a tattoo shop and wondered why you were getting the cold shoulder? Are you sick of making appointments with artists that can't be bothered to work with you so you can get exactly what you want?

Have no fear, Brant, Tooth, and Shiloh are here! Event Horizon is the friendliest shop in town - but don't take our word for it, read some honest testimonials from satisfied clients.


Cassie Fraser

"I've been a couple of other places...but there is no place like Event Horizon!"


"The whole shop has such a great feel to it, every time I'm in I see something new that catches my eye. And of course the staff is so fun and welcoming! ... Now I won't go anywhere else."

Aryn Lamos


Beth Shular

"[My friend] Rick introduced me to Brant because I wanted a tattoo to honor my kids and my struggles. It's a beautiful piece that brings me happiness every time I look at it. Since then, Brant has given an old tattoo of mine new life, done beautiful work on Rick, and did my son's first tattoo. My daughter is anxiously awaiting her 18th birthday so Brant can create her first piece. We love the laid back atmosphere and Brant's sense of human."


"The first time I walked in, I saw all the badass art on the wall and everyone was painting; made me think that there was definitely something special about this shop."

Samuel Rowell


Paige Cook

"Brant is always welcoming and treats you like a friend even if he just met you."